The Big Wasp Survey

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We know surprisingly little about social wasps. The Big Wasp Surveyharnesses the public’s dislike of social wasps, to get their help in sampling wasp populations across the UK. These data help answer questions about the distribution and abundance of social wasps across the UK.

We may hate wasps but they’re useful predators, controlling garden pests and pollinating flowers. We know bees are threatened by anthropogenic impact; but what about wasps?  Wasps are likely to be equally affected by chemicals and land-use change. The Big Wasp Survey uses beer and UK citizens to find out more about these important, but much maligned, insects.

The Big Wasp Survey is the first of its kind in the UK. We are asking members of the public to recycle an old plastic bottle and use a little beer to make a wasp trap for their back garden. After a week, once the wasps are trapped, you simply send them back to the team for identification and counting. Very little is known about the abundance and diversity of wasps in the UK and it’s hoped this survey will give scientists valuable information.

What are you waiting for? Upcycle your water bottle, share a beer with it, and hang it inyour garden!

The Survey runs annually.  Find out more The project is in collaboration with Prof Adam Hart (Univ. Gloucestershire), in conjunction with BBC’s Countryfile and sponsored by the Royal Entomological Society.


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