Emeline Favreau

Emeline has now started working as Bioinformatician in the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge, working on the INTREPID project exploring molecular data from Primary Immuno Deficient patients (intrepidproject.info).

Position: Post-doctoral Bioinformatics Researcher (November 2019 – May 2022)

Project: The molecular basis of social evolution in wasps and bees.

Research interests: My major research aim is to investigate the molecular basis of sociality from a comparative molecular viewpoint. Using multiple high-quality genomes, transcriptomes and captured chromatin conformation of different wasp and bee species, we can explore the evolution of sociality across lineages. This project is an international collaboration with PIs Amy Toth and Sandra Rehan, and postdocs Katie Geist and Chris Wyatt.


2019-Present: Post-doctoral Research Researcher, University College, London.

2015-2019: PhD in ant genomics, Queen Mary University of London (DTP NERC).

2013-2014: MRes Biosystematics at Imperial College London & Natural History Museum, London.

2008-2011: BSc Environmental Sciences at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford 1st Class (Hons).



Wyatt, C., M. Bentley, D. Taylor, E. Favreau, R. Brock, B. Taylor, E. Bell, E. Leadbeater, and S. Sumner. Social complexity, life-history and lineage influence the molecular basis of caste in a major transition in evolution. BiorXiv. (2021).

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emeline (dot) favreau (dot) 15 (at) ucl.ac.uk