What People Say

a book I never knew I needed that is an absolute delight to read… Face your fears and dive into this captivating excursion into the lives of this most maligned insect… Finally, a cure for our irrational fear of this unfairly demonised insect… A book that draws us in to the strange beauty of what we so often run away from

Robin Ince

Wasps, in all their endless forms, are not the annoying monsters we often believe them to be. Instead they are fascinating foundations of entire ecosystems, and essential to our lives. Seirian Sumner’s tale is thrilling, warm and scholarly in equal measure, and brilliantly repairs the reputation of wasps – most beautiful and wonderful as they truly are.

Dr Adam Rutherford

At last, the ultimate answer to the age-old question – What’s the point of a wasp? I thought I knew about wasps – I was wrong; A cracking good read that left me buzzing with excitement.

Dr George McGavin (President of the Dorset Wildlife Trust & Senior Principal Research Fellow, Imperial College)

Sometimes the most perfect books are those that shine a light on surprising, neglected subjects. Endless Forms is just such a book. Seirian Summer writes lucidly and entertainingly about this most fascinating of creatures. You’ll never ask ‘what’s the point of wasps?’ again.

Will Storr

If you’ve ever wondered “why do wasps exist?” you must read this book. There is so much more to them than you ever imagined. A funny and beautifully written welcome to the enigmatic, weird and wonderful world of wasps. Wasps are seriously cool.

Dave Goulson