Our Group

The Sumner lab seeks to understand how and why sociality and social behaviour evolves, from the genome to the phenotype, through the interplay of genes, behaviour and the environment. Our study organisms are wasps, bees, termites and ants.

Current Postdoc Fellows

Dr Christopher Wyatt – Project lead – Eco-Flow: Building a bioinformatics ecosystem for ecologists.

Dr Cintia Akemi Oi – Project Wassup – molecular regulation of behavioural transitions in solitary wasps. MSCA -IF

Current PhD Students

Owen Corbett – Aggression-mediated queen succession in tropical Polistes wasps. NERC London DTP. Co-supervisor: Dr Max Reuter, University College London.

Iona Cunningham-EurichGeneralism and specialism in parasitoid wasps: evolutionary, genomic and behavioural perspectives. London NERC DTP. Co-supervisor: Dr Gavin Broad, Natural History Museum.

Romuald TcheutchouaHarnessing native social wasps as biocontrol agents for smallholder agriculture.

Alicja WitwickaMolecular responses to pesticide exposure in solitary bees. London NERC DTP. Primary Supervisor: Dr Yannick Wurm, Queen Mary University of London

Hayley McMechanUnderstanding the evolution of plant behaviour in response to rapid environmental change. London NERC DTP. Primary Supervisor: Prof Jon Bridle, University College London.

Idris AdamsMetapopulations of solitary wasps in a dynamic environment. London NERC DTP. Co-supervisor: Prof Tim Blackburn, University College London.

Current Technicians

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