Iona Cunningham-Eurich

Position: PhD Student

Project:  Understanding generalism and specialism in parasitoid wasp: an evolutionary, genetic and behavioural perspective.

Research Interests:  I am interested in understanding the evolution of generalism and specialism in parasitoid wasps, as well as the evolution of host range (i.e. parasitoid prey) and how this impacts speciation. I am also interested in understanding the difference between generalists and specialists at a genomic and behavioural level.

I previously studied the population genetic structure of the Common Wasp, Vespula vulgaris, across the UK using samples collected by citizen science (the Big Wasp Survey) (in prep).


2021 – Present: PhD Candidate, Natural History Museum & University College London, London NERC DTP Cohort 8

2016 – 2020: MSci Zoology, University College London



Twitter: @ionace