Left The Nest

Although it’s always sad when people finally leave the nest, we love keeping up with where they go, and learning about the exciting things they are doing



Left 2022: Dr Alessandro Cini – now

Left May 2019: Dr Daisy Taylor – now a freelance science editor.

Left May 2019: Dr Michael Bentley – now a postdoc in Oxford University.

Left Feb 2015: Dr. Peter Graystock – now a lecturer in Imperial College, London.

Left July 2014: Dr. Ian Warren – now a postdoc in University of Cambridge.

Left Feb 2014: Dr Kate Ciborowski – now a lawyer.

Left August 2013: Dr Stephanie Dreier – now a teacher.

Left August 2012: Dr Solenn Patalano – now an independent research fellow in Greece.

PhD Students

Completed Jan 2021 – Dr Benjamin Taylor – The evolution and mechanisms of castes in Vespid wasps. NERC London DTP Studentship. Co-supervisors: Dr Max Reuter, University College London. Now a postdoc at Southampton University.

Completed Sept 2019 – Dr Sandra MorenoMolecular mechanisms of behavioural transitions in insect life-cycles. CONACyT (Mexico) studentship. Co-supervisor: Prof Jane Memmott, University of Bristol.

Completed Sept 2018 – Dr Patrick Kennedy – Uncertainty and the evolution of altruism. Co-supervisor: Dr Andy Radford, University of Bristol. Now an independent fellow in Colombia University, New York, USA.

Completed Sept 2018 – Dr Sam Duckerin – Effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on bumblebee social behaviour. BBSRC studentship. Co-Supervisors: Dr Dick James, University of Bath; Prof Jane Memmott, University of Bristol. Now in the film industry (but still loves bees…we hope!)

Completed Nov 2017 – Dr Adam Devenish –  Ant mediated seed dispersal in an invaded landscape. NERC CASE Studentship. Co-supervisors: Prof. Jon Bridle, UCL; Dr Rose Newton, Kew Gardens, UK. Now a postdoc at Imperial College, London.

Completed Sept 2017. Dr Robin Southon  – Adaptive value of males in simple eusocial insect societies. Co-supervisor: Prof. Andy Radford, University of Bristol. NERC Studentship.

Completed Sept 2016. Dr. Emily Bell – Phenotypic plasticity and the evolution of castes in eusocial insects. Co-supervisor: Prof. Andy Radford,  University of Bristol. NERC Studentship. Now a lecturer, University of Bristol.

Completed Sept 2014. Dr Henry Ferguson-Gow – The evolution of social traits and biodiversity in the ants. Funder: NERC CASE Studentship. Co-supervors Prof Andrew Bourke, University of East Anglia, UK & Prof Kate Jones, University College London, UK. NERC CASE Studentship. Now a postdoc in UCL.

Completed Oct 2013 Dr. Thibault Lengronne, PhD Student – Social Dynamics in Paper Wasps: The case of nest-drifting in Polistes canadensis. Co-supervisor Prof Laurent Keller, Lausanne University, Switzerland. Funder: Lausanne University. Now working in education.

Completed Sept 2013. Dr Claire Asher, PhD Student – The  Dynamics of Reproductive Dominance in Dinosaur Ants,  Dinoponera quadriceps. Co-supervisor Prof William Hughes, University of Sussex, UK. Funder: NERC CASE Studentship. Now a freelance science writer and author.

Masters by Research Students

Sam Morris Genomics of simple social insect societies. Co-supervisor: Dr Andy Radford, University of Bristol. Now a PhD student in UCL.

Ryan Brock – Comparative genomics of social evolution. Co-supervisor: Dr Davide Pisani, University of Bristol. Now a PhD student in UEA.

Research Assistants

Trinidad 2015: Liam Crowley & Sam Morris.- Behavioural genomics of Metapolybia wasps. NERC.

Trinidad 2014: Joshua Valverde –  Adaptive Value of Males in Primitively Eusocial Insect Societies & Queen Succession Behaviour. NERC & Genetics Society Summer Studentship.

Left Sept 2014: Chris Wyatt – Evolution of caste social systems using transcriptomics and proteomics. NERC

Panama 2013: Daniel Fabbro – Phenotypic plasticity and the evolution of castes in eusocial insects. NERC & STRI.

Panama 2012: Dr. Lawrence Bellamy- Phenotypic plasticity and the evolution of castes in eusocial insects. NERC.

Left July 2010: Dr. George Busby – Gene expression in castes of primitively eusocial wasps. Funder: L’Oreal for Women in Science

Panama, pre 2010: Dr Daniel Fanelli; Dr Eric Lucas; Dr Hans Kelstrup

Panama 2010: Javier How – Nest drifting in eusocial wasps.

Panama 2010: Dr Roberto Lomabado – Nest drifting in eusocial wasps.