Our Group

The Sumner lab seeks to understand how and why sociality and social behaviour evolves, from the genome to the phenotype, through the interplay of genes, behaviour and the environment. Our study organisms are wasps, bees, termites and antsSandra_tequila_tea_2020

Current Postdoc Fellows

Dr Emeline Favreau Molecular basis of Major Transitions. NERC-funded

Dr. Alessandro Cini – Insect social parasites: behavioural genomics models for understanding the basis of phenotypic evolution. Marie Curie Fellow.

Dr Christopher Wyatt – Comparative genomics and social evolution. NERC- funded


Current PhD Students

Owen Corbett – Mechanisms and Evolution of Post-Reproductive Lifespan. NERC London DTP Studentship. Co-supervisors: Dr Max Reuter, University College London.

Lewis RevelyThe evolutionary pathway and molecular mechanisms underpinning the evolution of social complexity in termites. NERC London DTP Studentship. Co-supervisors: Dr Paul Eggleton, Natural History Museum.





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