Volunteer Field Assistant Position Available



Volunteer Field Assistant

Behavioural Evolution in Solitary Digger Wasps
Dorset UK, 15th June – 31st August 2017

Sumner Lab (University of College London) is looking for a hard-working field assistant who is interested in insect behaviour, ecology and evolution (and enjoys camping!) to join us for Summer 2017 to study solitary digger wasps on the Dorset coastland and heathlands, UK.

A volunteer field assistant is required to help with a field-based project on behaviour in solitary wasps. The project combines behavioural experiments with next-generation sequencing to understand the molecular mechanisms leveraging provisioning behaviour in solitary wasps. Fieldwork involves marking individual wasps, manipulations, behavioural observations and sample collection. This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in field biology, and is well suited to graduate students, thinking of pursuing further postgraduate study. Fieldwork will be conducted in the Dorset Heath and the coastland from mid-June to end of August 2017.
• Have a biological background, enthusiastic and hard-working
• Happy to camp (at campsite: private tent provided)
• Applicants must be able to commit to the full field season
• These wasps can sting when provoked, so applicants must have no know previous allergies to wasp/bee stings
We have funds to cover domestic transportation to Dorset, all transportation during the field season, accommodation in a campsite with good facilities (e.g. hot showers & laundry); basic camp-style food will be also provided.
More Details
You will be working day-to-day with PhD student Sandra Moreno, as part of Dr Sumner’s research group. To apply sent a CV, contact details of one academic reference, and a covering letter explaining why you are interested in the role, to Sandra Moreno. Please contact Sandra for informal queries sm15155@bristol.ac.uk
Further details on the Sumner Lab research group and their projects can be found at http://www.sumnerlab.co.uk/

Closing date: Monday 29th May. We will be holding interviews (by Skype or in person) on the 30th May